My Bracket Picks

So after all my bracket predictions were done and the actual brackets announced, I calculated my Paymon score. For those of you not familiar with this, the Paymon score is a calculation of bracket efficiency. Here’s how they score it:

3 points for every team you correctly place in the field
2 points for every team you correctly seed
1 point for every team you seed within +/- 1 of their actual seed.

The Bracket Matrix ( computes these Paymon scores for many of the reputable bracket sites across the web. This year, the leading bracket had a Paymon score of 322 (65 teams, 33 correctly seeded, 61 within +/- 1 of their seed). My Paymon score this year was a mighty fine 316 (63 teams, 36 correctly seeded, 55 within +/- 1 of their seed), which would be good for 8th on the Bracket Matrix out of 83 brackets! This means I would’ve beaten the likes of ESPN’s Joe Lunardi, CBS College Sports and’s Jerry Palm, Yahoo!’s Mike Hugenin, Bracketology 101 (considered widely to be one of the best bracket sites out there), and even The Bracket Project, who creates the matrix.

Anyway, guess I should submit for next year to be included in the matrix. We’ll see how that goes. Anyway, now comes selecting the actual bracket, and picking the winner. I’ve spent the morning calculating, and below is how my bracket looks this year. What do you all think? If you have a comment, or just want to trash-talk, leave a comment!

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  1. I think you ought to apply for a job with ESPN and replace those talking heads. On the other hand…your Mommy is still going to beat you (again) when it comes to picking the winner! (How's that for trash-talk?)


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