Remember When?

Today at my office I had a Barq’s root beer. It’s weird to me that the moment I opened the can and took a sip, immediately I flashed back to my mid-school days. See, one particular day when I was in mid-school, I put down my open can of Barq’s root beer to play with my friends during lunch time recess. When recess was over and I went to go take a sip from my Barq’s root beer, I got a nasty surprise. A bee had made its way into my can and when I put the can to my lips, Mr. Bee decided he was ready to plant his ole stinger right on my lip. Ouch!!!

It’s amazing what our memories are and can be to us. Often times I am able to recall names, dates, even colors of shirts from occasions when I was 4 or 5 years old. These details are trivial in the grand scheme of things, but a lot of times things get placed in our paths that trigger a memory, and in many instances bring it back vividly with full detail.

I remember the name of the boy who made fun of me when I was in 1st grade that sent me crying back to my house and leaving my best friend to stick up for me. I remember which direction my pre-school class room was facing. I remember what it said on my wife’s shirt the first day I ever met her. And still I often forget what my wife was talking about when she was reminding me to do something as I walked out of the door this morning. Is it selective memory? Am I choosing not to remember my responsibilities? But then how do I hang on to these memories?

The memories that hang with us definitely play a part in shaping who we are. When I think about the boy who made fun of me, I usually tense up and determine to be a stronger person. When I think about my pre-school classroom, I remember fondly the teachers and assistants and how worth it that it is to respect your elders. When I think about the writing on my wife’s shirt, I think about how important it is for me not to try to drastically change who I am inside, because she accepts me for me. I feel like God wants us to remember the things that will point us in the right direction going forward, and that direction is to Him.

But I also think God wants us to remember what it was like before we really knew Him. While I definitely have some good memories from back in the day, I know that I definitely can’t remember being as close to Him as I am today (and as a result being as happy as I’ve ever been), which instills me with confidence. I am seeking first the kingdom of God, (Matthew 6:33), and it brings to life times past when I realize I could have been doing more to be with Him but I wasn’t. I also remember times when God was steering me in the right direction without me knowing it, because I can see who I could have become without His unseen hand.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that I’m starting to realize how important it is to look back at all of these memories as if I were watching a slideshow with God and hearing God tell it from His perspective. What was He trying to accomplish during that time? Seeing God in my memories, even before I knew who He was really, teaches me more and more about His lovingkindness, compassion, grace and mercy, as well as His constant desire for me. I guess God really has had His eye on this sparrow (Matthew 10:29-31), bee sting and all.


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