Rest For the Weary

Have you ever been in one of those situations where you feel like the world just makes you tired? I’m in one of those struggles right now. Recently I’ve spent a lot of time in discussions and debates with atheists about their beliefs versus my beliefs. I’ve been reconciling what I’ve been doing as evangelism, saying that I am at least trying to be a voice of alternate reason in a culture that is not completely unlike a Christian culture, where everyone gathers together in living rooms or conferences and revel in the fact that they have the answer to life and the other side is delusional and missing out.

What I’ve noticed is that as much as my intentions have been good, God has revealed to me that this is another tactic used to lead me astray. See, I’ve been focusing my energies so much on what other people think and trying to convince them that a theistic worldview is plausible that I have been missing out on what I need: food for my soul. Too often we get caught up in what this world thinks of us that we miss out on the most important aspect of what it really means to be a Christian: growing in our relationship with our Creator and Sustainer.

I was sitting in the library today on my lunch break looking briefly through “The Greatest Show on Earth” by Richard Dawkins, and weariness just swept like a tornado over me. That’s not surprising, because over the past few weeks I’ve just felt drained physically and, much to my dismay, it has seeped through to my emotions and caused me at times to be more testy with my wife and daughter than I otherwise would be. I’ve even considered making a trip to the doctor to see if there’s something medically wrong with me. But as I sat there unwilling to get up to even put the book back on the shelf, God spoke to me very simply and very softly. It was just a silent message of a Bible verse, one which I wasn’t sure at the time where it comes from (turns out it’s Matthew 11:28), but He just said, “Come to me, and I will give you rest.”

What a revelation. If I’m weary and burdened, why not cast my cares on Him who cares for me? Why not open His Word and find rest and comfort in His promises? I even asked for prayer from my Bible study for this very thing, but as much as I can ask other people to pray for me, it does no good if I’m not willing to meet God where He is, and instead try to do His work independent of Him instead of looking to Him for guidance and strength.

So unfortunately, I’m going to have to cut this blog short and go spend some time with God. I’m sure you readers won’t begrudge me entering the presence of the One who gives us life, love and, as I’m confident in Him that I will find out today, rest. God bless!

Update: Here’s a song that sort of explains how I’m feeling. Praise to the only One who is worthy of such honor and glory!


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  1. It is on days like this that I cling to Isaiah 40:31.


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