A Year Ago Today, I…

For any faithful readers out there, today is my birthday. I am 26, so to some I’m really old, to some I have no idea what “old” really is. It’s amazing when you tick another year off on your birthday calendar to step back and think about all of the changes a year has brought. Here are some of things that were going on one year ago today:

A year ago today, I wasn’t a member of a local church, in fact not even really attending church all that much, because we were too busy. Now I am actively serving as part of an amazing Christian fellowship, with whom God has blessed us even in the short time we’ve been there in terms of mentors, friends, brothers and sisters in Christ.

A year ago today, I was busy hunting down paperwork to submit to the mortgage company. Now it has been 11 months since we moved into our house, and already it is filled with tons of memories (and plans for new paint!).

A year ago today, I was lamenting having to travel for a gig, because I knew how uncomfortable my 7-months-pregnant WIFE would be in a car for three hours each way. Now I would lament the same trip because my beautiful daughter isn’t prepared to do such long stretches at 9 1/2 months old.

A year ago today, I would suspect that my daughter probably weighed between 4-5 lbs. Now she is pushing 20 lbs, which is just under double her birthweight!

A year ago today, I was afraid I would be forgetting all of my Bradley baby class exercises that would prepare me for being a good birthing coach. Since then WIFE has had a very successful, completely natural birthing experience, and we are looking forward to whenever round two comes!

A year ago today, I was glad to be getting the insurance break for turning 25. Now I’m just glad I’m one year farther away from being drafted, though I don’t expect the military would take me anyway.

A year ago today, I had never heard of the cosmological argument, teleological argument, ontological argument or moral argument. In fact, I didn’t even know there was such a thing as systematic theology. Now, I use these every day in discussing the existence of God with atheists on our beloved WordPress.

A year ago today, it had been several years since I last played my electric guitar, and several days since I played my mandolin. Now, it’s been several days since I played electric guitar (which I do weekly now), and my mandolin has sort of taken the backseat.

And finally, a year ago today, I was content in my relationship with God, feeling like I was where He wanted me to be. Now I realize that being content is laziness, because God is always working, always moving, and so I should be doing the same so I am continually growing in my relationship and understanding of Him.

God can do a lot with a year. If 25 to 26 was so eye-opening, I can only imagine what 26 to 27 is going to be. Thanks Lord! 🙂

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