Do you ever wonder if you married the right person? I don’t. It’s a nice feeling when you are constantly convinced that the person God ordained for you is sharing your bed. My wife is a subscriber to this blog, so I know she’ll read it, but that’s not why I’m writing it. It’s to encourage any of you out there that may be having doubts, or even those who are single and wondering who their spouse will be. If you seek God, He will give you the right answer all of the time. Every time I pray for my wife, God assures me that she is who He created for me, from the beginning of time. Don’t think for a second that He can’t and won’t do the same for you.


2 responses to this post.

  1. After 22 years of extreme abuse I was a very definite man hater. I knew I could never marry and was about to become a nun when I heard the Gospel for first time. I have now known, loved and served my loving heavenly Father for 52 years.

    I have been VERY happily married for 50 years and praise God for bringing us together – two people who complement and supplement each other and serve the Lord together.


  2. Oh,yeah, cant agree with you any more though I dont have a wife now…


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