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Brief Venture #2: Interesting 2012 Baseball Stats

As with most guys, I enjoy sports. A lot. In fact, I follow just about every major sport that’s out there pretty avidly, with the exception of hockey. But I also enjoy stats. I’m a statistician by trade, so I love looking at the numbers and comparing things, so I was looking at some Major League Baseball stats for the 2012 season thus far, and there are some interesting ones:

1) If the season were to end right now, there would be two Triple Crown winners (Matt Kemp, Josh Hamilton). Considering the last Triple Crown winner was in 1967, that would be a pretty incredible feat if they could keep it up.

2) Albert Pujols, who signed a $240 million contract this year, has the 3rd most at-bats in the majors without a home-run this year. Ahead of him are those huge power-hitters Michael Bourn (Atlanta) and David Murphy (New York Mets). Angels fans crying much?

3) Mark Reynolds has had 63 at-bats this year for Baltimore. 63% of those at-bats have ended without the ball in play, as he has 30 strikeouts and 10 walks. In fact, he has over three times as many strikeouts as hits this year, which accounts for his .143 average. I think he may end the year with 63 at-bats at this rate.

4) Emilio Bonifacio (Miami) leads the league in his own quirky stat. Bonifacio has 21 hits this season (.244 average), but he leads the league in most hits without an extra-base hit. All 21 hits have been singles. Emmanuel Burriss (SF Giants) is 2nd on this list, with 13 hits and no extra-basers, but in his defense, he does have 36 fewer at-bats than does Bonifacio.

5) Of the top 10 pitchers in number of innings pitched, only one has an ERA higher than 4.00. Unfortunately for me as a Yankees fan, that pitcher is C.C. Sabathia. But the tables turn, because Sabathia has yet to lose a game, which only one guy with more innings pitched can also say. That man, Jared Weaver, has gotten out one more batter than Sabathia through 5 games.

6) Clay Buchholz has 3 wins this season, tying him for 9th with a host of other pitchers in the MLB this season. What those other pitchers don’t have, though, is Buchholz’s 8.69 ERA. In fact, only one other pitcher of the top 36 pitchers in wins this year has an ERA over 5.00. That man, Ivan Nova (Yankees, 5.18 ERA), hasn’t lost in 15 regular-season decisions, which hasn’t happened in over 50 years.

7) Ervin Santana is the only pitcher to have lost 5 games in April. Correlated with that is another “only” distinction: he’s the only pitcher to have given up 10 homeruns already.

Anyway, those are just a few of the interesting stats that I stumbled across when looking at it this month, so I hope you enjoyed perusing them briefly too. I’ll be curious to see if any of these trends continue. I wonder if I could make $240 million without hitting a homer. Nah, probably not. 🙂

World Cup 2010: USA Advances!

Wow. What drama. The USA advances to the Round of 16 in the World Cup by scoring in the 91st minute against Algeria. Not only do they advance, but based on goals scored they win their group and play the second-place team from Group D in the next round. While this could potentially be Germany, more likely it will be either Ghana or Serbia.

If the US were to win that game, then a winnable quarterfinal matchup against either Uruguay or South Korea awaits. Can you imagine the USA making it to the semifinals of the World Cup?! Wow.

I’m also potentially looking at two groups of death in the knockout round. In one quartet you already have Argentina, Mexico and England, with the winner of Group D joining them. If Germany wins Group D, that is going to be one messy group.

In the bottom half of the bracket, if it all plays out perfectly, you could see Netherlands vs. Italy in the Round of 16, with the winner of that game taking on the winner of Brazil vs. Spain. Yikes! I’m glad the USA got placed where it did. We’ve got a much easier go of it than some of these teams. However, if we do happen to strike gold and make it to the semis, we could potentially get any one of the above teams in that game. I think the US may be catching a little bit of soccer fever! Too bad this disease only lasts another 15 days or so.

Anyway, if you missed it and want to see Landon Donovan’s incredible goal that pushed the US through, here it is. The first one I posted got blocked on copyright grounds, so we’ll see how long this one stays up. Enjoy!

Bracket – 1st Weekend Carnage

Wow what a first weekend in the tournament. Lots of upsets, including my beloved Lobos going down on Saturday to a better (at least on this day) Washington team. My bracket, as well as about half of the nation, could be on its way to a sinking ship as Kansas fell to Northern Iowa in the upset of the tournament. However, I do still have 7 of 8 Elite Eight teams in, so I might end up being OK. I’m 2nd in the pools I’m participating in, so I have it set up pretty good if things fall my way. I’ll be rooting hard against Syracuse and Kentucky, though. Here’s how my bracket looks after the carnage.

My Bracket Picks

So after all my bracket predictions were done and the actual brackets announced, I calculated my Paymon score. For those of you not familiar with this, the Paymon score is a calculation of bracket efficiency. Here’s how they score it:

3 points for every team you correctly place in the field
2 points for every team you correctly seed
1 point for every team you seed within +/- 1 of their actual seed.

The Bracket Matrix ( computes these Paymon scores for many of the reputable bracket sites across the web. This year, the leading bracket had a Paymon score of 322 (65 teams, 33 correctly seeded, 61 within +/- 1 of their seed). My Paymon score this year was a mighty fine 316 (63 teams, 36 correctly seeded, 55 within +/- 1 of their seed), which would be good for 8th on the Bracket Matrix out of 83 brackets! This means I would’ve beaten the likes of ESPN’s Joe Lunardi, CBS College Sports and’s Jerry Palm, Yahoo!’s Mike Hugenin, Bracketology 101 (considered widely to be one of the best bracket sites out there), and even The Bracket Project, who creates the matrix.

Anyway, guess I should submit for next year to be included in the matrix. We’ll see how that goes. Anyway, now comes selecting the actual bracket, and picking the winner. I’ve spent the morning calculating, and below is how my bracket looks this year. What do you all think? If you have a comment, or just want to trash-talk, leave a comment!

2010 NCAA Prediction Bracket – Feb. 26

2010 NCAA Prediction Bracket – Feb. 24

Had some time, so I did another version of the bracket this morning. What do you all think?

2010 NCAA Prediction Bracket – Feb. 22

So this blog is supposed to be my place for pretty much anything and everything I’m thinking, feeling or doing at the time. I’m a member of The Lobo Lair, being a huge UNM basketball fan now, and something I’ve done for my own fun as well as to try to spread the love on that forum is to create an NCAA prediction bracket. This is round 2. I apologize for the small font, but if you click on the picture, you can see a blown-up version. Enjoy!